In addition to the Wikislides portal, Eksergia provides a service: Give us the material you have -> we make it e-course!

Course materials can be placed either in Eksergia-platform or somewhere else. Eksergia is based on WordPress where multiple e-learning solutions such Learning Management Systems (LMS) are available.

The process

  1. Client provides materials
  2. Eksergia turns the data in the form of eLearning
  3. Quality check & test use
  4. First graduates + feedback
  5. Making needed changes
  6. Online course is ready.

Partners of multiple kind of co-operation

If you got interested, please be in touch!

Maaria Laukkanen

Independent Civil Engineer of Energy Efficient Buildings
Founder of Eksergia
Email: maaria.laukkanen @
Phone: +358 50 300 8486