What is Eksergia about?

Eksergia is an open and free web portal gathering most essential and objective information about energy efficient buildings and renewable energy into one place. The material is useful both for teaching and self-learning and mostly under Creative Commons License. Most of the content is in Finnish but more and more English translations are coming.


The vision of Eksergia is to act as Wikipedia for energy-efficient buildings, i,e., to provide the most widely used digital educational material and act as a reference book in the industry. General quality of the material is maintained through interaction between visitors and users.

What does exergy mean?​

Exergy tells about the quality of energy. The higher the exergy level in some form of energy, the more it should be saved. For example, electricity is a highly refined form of energy and should therefore not be used for heating, for which there are other suitable and lower energy types. For example, the computer works with electricity but not with district heating.​

Eksergia, as a portal for learning materials, is suitable for both self-study and educational material. The portal facilitates the important work of vocational teachers by providing, among other things:​

  • over 3,000 slides​
  • CC Licensed Photos​
  • instructional videos​
  • example database​
  • energy savings calculator​
  • test your knowledge program​
  • vocabulary​

The need for information on energy-efficient construction is growing.​

Let’s co-operate!

Maaria Laukkanen
Independent Civil Engineer of Energy Efficient Buildings
Founder of Eksergia
Email: maaria.laukkanen @
Phone: +358 50 300 8486