FINAL EXAM Introduction of BIM enabled EPC assessments – Online course

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Model Checkers can be utilized in EPC assessment for:
When is EPC officially required? 
All needed input data for EPC assessments automatically builds into BIM as project proceeds.
In traditional methods, what barriers exist for comprehensive use of different building energy analysis?
EPC assessment method is never dependent of the building type, same calculation method apply to all buildings.
Utilization of the geometry obtained from the BIM model is one of the biggest denominators for faster EPC assessment.
Where does the letters EPC come from?
Static calculations has the potential for more deatiled results than dynamic simulations.
EPC calculators are based on equations reflecting the real world phenomena, such as thermodynamic equations.
Special requirements for BIM modeling are not needed, if inter-operable file-formats are used for the energy simulations.
In assessing EPC for the standard use of the building the following input data is often fixed:

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